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When you hear David Puskás, it feels like you’ve known him for an eternity. He has openly gone on record saying he will never grow up and in many ways his behaviour and certainly his music showcases a complete and utter disregard for boring mundane normality. Think youthful, extravagance and lots and lots of energy. All emotions that create reasons to lift your hands and tap your feet and bang you’ve pretty much got the vibe of his music. From playing his latest track Balaton Waves to a packed dance floor at the Egg Club in London to showcasing his own festival to thousands of people in the courtyard of the iconic Royal Holloway University David is on a trajectory as an up and coming music producer full of emotion and talent.  


Born in the UK to Hungarian parents he is a dual national who has been able to pick the best from both cultures. The British side of him is refined, full of heritage and classy whilst the Hungarian side of him is emotional, nostalgia and hedonism. Put the two together and you’ve go an unassuming Hungarian / British combo which brings a sense of class and utter emotion to the dance floor. 


Dance Music and Music to make you Dance has always been an integral part of David’s upbringing since he was young.  He would spend sun filled summers during English school holidays turning his families villa in Hungary into a weekend dance floor. The floor boards would vibrate with the thick sound  of four to four as the local Hungarian’s would pour themselves another glass of wine from David’s family grapes. All whilst his thumping mixes would break windows at 2am. "Wait for the track to finish, then lets come up with an excuse! " you’d often hear David say in Hungarian with his English accent. These warm summer August nights spent in suburban villages in the heart of rural Hungary romancing the locals with the English party way of life soon became a regular annual hit. Locals would be counting down the days until David’s plane landed in Budapest again so they could be reunited on the dance floor of his creaking floor board villa. After a couple of years, David soon established a name for himself as the lad from London where Hungarians and anyone fancying a dance to the early hours of the morning would swing by David’s Hungarian villa for a Summer of euphoric music and love. He didn’t tell his parents........


Fast forward a few years since those 16 year old exuberant youthful parties and David is gracing dance floors packed with a 1000 students on a regular Friday night in the heart of leafy posh Surrey at Royal Holloway university where he had previously studied and established a duo partnership alongside his fellow music producer and DJ Just like Joe. Through their local residency both lads casually spent a couple of years honing their craft whilst warming up for the likes of Jax Jones, MNEK, High Contrast & Chase & Status to name but a few……. 


Not being one to sit still ,such exposure lead David to fulfil his passion to produce and make dance music and fast forward to the present day where David is now a fully established music producer under the alias David Puskás. This is alongside his collaborative musical production venture with Just Like Joe. Together they have formed an utterly British / Hungarian cultural partnership titled David Puskás & Just Like Joe. 


David’s own production style has turned into one characterised as melodic, uplifting and euphoric in its nature. His music is often laced with references and sounds to his native Hungary none more so than the iconic lake Balaton which has formed an integral part of his summer memories with his friends and moments of love with his girlfriend. Tracks such as Balaton Waves, recently showcased at the iconic EGG Club in London with David warming up for Nora en Pure, have proven David’s ability to create hand in the air moments for London’s most discerning crowds. As David continues his rise through the London club scene  his full focus is a return to his native Hungary on a much larger scale.  In a recent interview after his gig at the famous Egg Club London David was asked to describe his music:


“A fusion of strings underlaid with chords that represent the emotion of my Hungarian heritage, the summer waves of lake Balaton and the relentless energy of the dancing Hungarian locals that attended my Pince/villa Parties from villages afar during my youth” 


Working with his production partner Just like Joe the duo have laid the groundwork with up and coming releases throughout 2022  that will no doubt see them both catapult onto an international stage packed with British class and Hungarian emotion. 2022 promises to be a big year full of musical releases as the up and coming British & Hungarian producer with his partner Just like Joe seeks to export their British & Hungarian villa style party vibe to the world. “Menyunk Bulizni Egyet” as David would say…………

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